Why study in Canada: Making the process accessible

On a chilly winter evening, Manav and his childhood friend Suresh went to the balcony of their studio apartment. They were in the final year of college, and it would be over in a matter of a few weeks.
Manav’s father had been asking him to look for universities in Canada for the past six months. He often said, “If you and Suresh get admission at the same university abroad, you could re-live college days all over again.” Both were bright enough and wanted to make it big in life. But they failed to understand why they needed to leave the place they had grown up in and move to a completely new country.
As they stood in the balcony their eyes met the smiling face on a huge hoarding for IELTS and TOEFL training. It said something to them. As if studying at a university abroad did make a difference after all.
Stepping out of the comfort of their homeland in order to study abroad was a scary prospect. In any case they would have to take scholarship tests in order for the idea of studying in Canada to come to fruition. As it is, despite the smile that spoke to them of the many wonders of studying abroad, they continued to have their doubts.
Despite the several opportunities that universities abroad offer, most of us get so scared with the process of applying that we drop the idea without even trying. Applying for a study abroad visa, undergoing IELTS and TOEFL training, scholarship tests, and the long list of things to do before one you can begin with the process, sends chills down our spine and more often than not we give up on the idea itself, considering the prior preparation involved.

Accessibility made easier:

  • Close to a decade ago studying in Canada was like a dream for most youngsters. But with time and accessibility of resources, it has turned into a reality for aspirants to study abroad.
  • The process has been simplified greatly for students who aspire to study abroad.
  • Study abroad consultants having expertise in their field provide visa counseling.
  • Detailed information of the universities abroad suited to aspirants is outlined.
  • Everything from counseling to the visa application, from getting the statement of purpose written to managing deadlines of the selected universities is taken care of by experts.
  • What most of us are unaware of is the various options available for engaging in student counseling and career counseling to be able to find the best direction possible.
  • Career consultants and career counseling experts today are specifically trained to understand the psyche along with the aptitude of students and give them the most reasonable advice with respect to their future.

As the process gets hassle-free, it gives students time and focuses to prepare their applications better, making the chances of success greater. But the primary question remains.

What difference does studying abroad make:
Studying in Canada can be a life-altering decision. It isn’t the allure of a foreign land that prompts aspirants to consider higher education abroad, but for reasons beyond the charm of living abroad that become Integra to the decision:

  • The enhancement in the knowledge and skills of students that studying at a university abroad provides, owing to the diversity that countries that have students coming in from all over the world, is unmatched.
  • Individuals with a degree from a university abroad always have an edge over their contemporaries, professionally.
  • The biggest advantage to those moving abroad to study comes in the form of the choice of joining the workforce of either Canada or India, opening up for them an ocean of opportunities.

The fact that the competition in the professional world in India is humongous owing to its population and limited resources cannot be denied. In a scenario where talented individuals either miss a chance or have to struggle too hard to even survive, moving abroad for higher education proves to be a breath of fresh air, opening up a plethora of personal and professional avenues.

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