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You are eligible to apply for a study visa abroad if you are 16 or above and going on study basis. (The age may vary from country to country policies). Visa application is one of the crucial steps as any wrong document or incomplete form could lead to visa rejection and shattering of your dreams. COURSEPERFECT provides-
“Our counsellors are there to guide students through the visa process to ensure a smooth and hassle-free process resulting in securing a study visa for students.”

Chapter 6 - Karan gets visa

Karan is ready with the college and scholarship and is all enthusiastic to put her visa application file for approval. Since this was the first time that she was applying for the visa, she did not know what the required documents and procedures were. And once again, COURSEPERFECT came to her rescue. They briefed her about all the needed documents and checked themselves before sending for approval in the embassy. Since her documents were all up to the mark and she had an amazing score, the visa got approved. She got the visa and her family distributed sweets in their neighbourhood.

Be like Karanjeet!!!

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