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When I 1st set to review abroad, I had no conception i would absorb such heaps from the expertise. Obtaining committed CEA has helped me with my résumé, communication skills, and my passion for travel.

After learning abroad for the summer term in San José, Republic of Costa Rica I learned regarding CEA’s Alumni Ambassador program for recent alumni. As an envoy, I’m one in every of the faces representing CEA on my campus—Southern Illinois University—encouraging and educating prospective students on the advantages of study abroad, and therefore the numerous CEA programs. This program has helped more my communication skills by giving me the chance to gift info and discuss my very own expertise abroad with alternative students.

While abroad, I had the pleasure of operating with the selling team at the university I attended. I wrote multiple blogs regarding the food, my host family, and thus the places I discovered throughout my keep. For taking part, i used to be ready to get a letter of advice that has helped with my job search and employment within the PR field.

Going abroad and being a district of the PR program for CEA helped me boost my résumé. It conjointly helped me become a lot of numerous and culturally comprehensive person. Through reminiscing regarding my experiences in job interviews and with students on field, I’ve gained a lot of confidence once it involves human action and sharing my passion for traveling.

I am currently following opportunities to check abroad as a postgraduate. Being Associate in Nursing Alumni Ambassador has opened several doors on behalf of me to travel around the world, which i square measure introduced to many study abroad and berth programs. My expertise abroad has been wedged my life and given me the drive that I required to more my education and data of the Spanish language and Latin culture.

Study Abroad | Fact versus Fiction

While i used to be preparing to check abroad for a semester in Rome, i used to be inundated with info and recommendation from friends and family concerning my plans. Whereas typically useful, rumours and second-hand info will produce needless stress. Bear in mind of common misconceptions relating to study abroad!

Fiction: I ought to go abroad throughout my junior year.

Fact: whereas several students do go abroad as juniors, this is often by no means that the sole option! In distinction, some students with additional linear degree plans notice it necessary to check abroad throughout their freshman or sophomore year. Once coming up with a semester abroad, it’s vital to think about a four-year-degree arrange and overtly discuss your plans along with your educational adviser. Advisors can appreciate these in progress conversations and might have insight into that courses can best transfer toward your degree. Use study abroad to supplement your degree by actively human action alongside your adviser concerning that term is best for you.


Fiction: Science majors can’t go abroad. If you do, you’ll have to be compelled to keep at school longer.

Fact: With careful coming up with, there is not any reason why a student at intervals the sciences couldn’t go abroad. Often, the key lies in human action alongside your adviser quickly upon your arrival on field as a freshman. Some students save general education credits to want abroad, whereas others square measure able to transfer science courses toward their degrees. Do careful analysis and bear in mind of all of your options!


Fiction: Students UN agency study abroad miss Associate in Nursing excessive quantity of on field.

Fact: this is often a haul several students face. If you’re assailing taking advantage of all field opportunities, take into account going abroad for a summer or short-run program! this can enable you to pay the tutorial year on field and go abroad with less anxiety.


Fiction: Athletes can’t study abroad.

Fact: whereas this call is entirely up to the coach, several students notice ways in which to stay active whereas abroad! Some locations square measure well-suited for the athletic student and have several out of doors activities like hiking, swimming, or skiing. Students will typically be part of running teams, attend an athletic facility on-the-scene, or even play on sports groups with alternative study abroad or international students! Whereas opportunities vary from program to program, there square measure accommodations which can be created for the athletic student.


Fiction: Students with special dietary wants shouldn’t go abroad.

Fact: Some study abroad destinations square measure higher equipped to accommodate dietary restrictions than others. Students ought to analysis their destination of alternative, as cultural education is significant. Make certain you’re golf stroke yourself into a scenario within which you’ll be able to create healthy selections.


Fiction: Students UN agency don’t speak another language shouldn’t study abroad.

Fact: There square measure many study abroad destinations and programs for college students with no information of another language. Students will even explore study abroad choices in communicatory countries if their lack of language information causes any anxiety. However, several destinations welcome and encourage students of all language levels (even absolute beginners!) to immerse themselves into the culture to observe the language. This is often the best because of learn any language!


Fiction: learning abroad is extraordinarily high-ticket and cannot be done on a budget.

Fact: several factors contribute to the price of a study abroad program. One in all the larger contributors is that the value of living within the chosen destination; some destinations square measure notoriously high-ticket whereas others square measure quite affordable. Students ought to choose a destination that makes sense for his or her distinctive monetary scenario. Scholarships and grants square measure obtainable for study abroad; students will discuss scholarships, grants, and alternative monetary coming up with tools with their assistance workplace to seek out the correct resources.

When it involves study abroad, info is significant. Educational advisors, coaches, study abroad workplace advisors, assistance advisors, and alternative faculty officers will guide you toward a study abroad program that may assist you meet your goals. Utilize all of your resources and educate yourself according to your personalized study abroad wants.

Study Abroad | Things You Should Do For Success

Studying abroad is commonly a daunting expertise for those who don’t apprehend what to expect. I even have traveled to totally different countries since i wont to be sixteen years previous, and my call to review abroad awoke the butterflies in my abdomen. Perhaps i wont to be overpowered as a result of i won’t to be going to France and didn’t speak the language, or as a result of their culture was immensely totally different than my terribly own. I knew 1st hand that disorientation was a really legitimacy. I keep in mind learning French the weeks before effort, conjointly as learning the tube lines each moment I found some free time.

If you discover yourself in my shoes, my recommendation would be to relax. You aren’t getting to be thrown into this country to argue yourself. You’ll have orientations to guide you, you’ll {need} folks to decision simply just in case of Associate in Nursing emergency or if you merely need somebody to talk to, and you’ll have a gaggle of study abroad students to accompany you. You’re not alone! Study abroad offers you the possibility to urge a replacement country on your own degree of comfort. If you would like to find the country on your own, you can. If you are easier staying with a gaggle, that’s Associate in nursing choice, too! I found that learning abroad very isn’t a one-size-fits-all expertise. So as to increase the satisfaction of your trip, there are a handful of things to believe.

Studying abroad is possible thanks to the tutorial side

I’m positive your oldsters can drill you concerning staying targeted on your studies, however variety of the foremost satisfying aspects of my study abroad expertise was as a result of the professors and therefore the subject material of their categories. Transcend the content you’ve learned and conjointly get to know your professors (if it’s respectful supported your new culture). From my expertise, the professors World Health Organization can mentor you’d such as you to raise queries and higher perceive their culture. Raise them concerning the only places to eat, the favored attractions, and if there is something you need to do before you permit. I even have received the only recommendation from my international professors that I follow to this day. They helped me notice that the unknown and unknown don’t seem to be unhealthy or dangerous. They’re simply totally different, and variations offer folks additional various ways that of thinking.

Blend in along with your host country

You will get the foremost out of your expertise if you behaviorally and physically adapt to your host country’s approach of life. Once I was learning abroad in Paris, it had been ridiculously straightforward to tell World Health Organization was a foreigner. Do analysis on your host country and be ready. Leave your neon-collared garments and flip-flops at home! Not solely can you avoid stares from locals, however you will even be less of a target for pickpockets.

Practice the Language

When I visited France, I knew one word: Bonjour. By the highest of my expertise there, I managed to struggle through basic conversations and was able to order for myself. The oldsters that I studied abroad with all took a semester of French previous to learning abroad. I noticed that those who stayed at intervals their comfort circle, enclosed by Americans, didn’t attain any language enhancements, whereas those who branched out improved a lot! I might recommend going into the country determined to not speak something with the exception of the language of your host country. This is often getting to be very difficult, but it’s get table if you bring a lexicon that interprets words for you into the language you would like to talk. As strangers for directions and decide to order your meals during this new language. Your study abroad expertise is progressing to be way more satisfying this way. Most significantly, celebrate the small successes. Fill yourself with pride for every new word you con or whenever that you simply are able to browse an advertisement or invite directions. It’s difficult however therefore rewarding. Keep patient and luxuriate in the ride!

Learn the Culture

Fully dive into your host country’s culture. Go explore the country yourself (just keep awake to your surroundings and don’t draw attention to yourself to stay safe). If you aren’t totally snug with exploring your country alone, take a fan with you however go with solely speak your host country’s language. Venture out and build friends with the locals, too! Once I was in France, i noticed that there are varied those that would like an opportunity to seek out English from a speaker. I created friends by proposing to the locals that i might speak English to them if they speak French to Maine. This could appear crazy, however it worked! Have occasional or attend a park with them. I might even propose that they show Maine around the town and make a case for traditionally noted areas, like Notre Dame and Versailles. As long as you are taking precautions to stay safe, you have very little to lose!

Document your travel

You will need to remember your experiences and share what you have done throughout your travels! Upon arrival, several of your friends and family can invite you to elucidate your experiences and to tell them what you have done. It’d be a shame to answer back “I don’t recognize, however it had been fun”. Keep a notebook throughout that you write sure each new issue that you simply have discovered in your host country. You may write down new phrases that you’ve learned, songs and artists that are well-known among the country, the names to fogeys that you’ve met, the history behind the country’s historical sites, and your favorite places to go to. Embody your thoughts and feelings among this notebook. I actually have forgotten sure things, however once I remember through my notebook, i am instantly reminded and re-experience the fun and yearning to travel back.

Studying abroad is that the chance of a period. Finding out abroad through CEA has provided Maine with the tools therefore on face intimidating experiences. You’re well-taken care of, so the strain is unbroken at a minimum. Experiencing a replacement country are typically overwhelming and you will expertise disorientation, however often a conventional method which is able to eventually fade into the background. Discover your host country with associate degree open mind and embrace the thought that variations are not unhealthy, simply different!

Study Abroad | Tips for selecting a Location

I assumed it would be useful to share some tips with alternative students World Health Organization realize themselves throughout an analogous situation:

  • Research: Take your time to essentially find out about every town you’re considering! Websites like Lonely Planet, Frommer’s and TripAdvisor have many helpful holidaymaker data you will gather to help analysis potential locations. You’ll be associate degree art buff and notice that the Prado repository is why you’d prefer to trip capital of Spain. Checking out concerning the varied spring festivities like Semana Santa and Feria Diamond State Abril might even be the principle you select Sevilla. Another nice resource is our own CEA diary wherever our students share their experiences, providing insight into every town.


  • Spanish: it would sound sort of a given, however there are several students World Health Organization need to find out Spanish, and lean toward finding out abroad in Barcelona to accomplish this goal. Several are unaware that in Barcelona (located inside the region of Catalunya) a language known as Catalan is spoken most often. This shouldn’t be a deterrent, however positively a thought. Locals still recognize ancient Castilian Spanish, categories are educated in Castilian Spanish, and there are perpetually volunteer opportunities and language exchanges that foster Spanish language skills. However, as associate degree consultant I feel it is important for language-driven students to understand this distinction, which I’ll counsel considering a town like city that provides a lot of immersive language expertise. It’s a smaller university city (which suggests that several international and CEA students are also there to review Spanish), has several language-focused program selections, and may be a smaller quantity “touristy,” therefore English isn’t as normally spoken.


  • Academics: What kinds of categories do you want to require whereas you’re abroad? If you’ve sure necessities except electives or language, usually this can be} often one thing to suppose. For instance, cities like Alicante and Sevilla ar about to be your 2 best choices if you’d like science- connected work throughout the semester. Also, wherever you take courses can even influence your call as there are programs at our CEA Study Centers, partner universities or both! The placement of your categories conjointly influences World Health Organization you are taking categories with (CEA, international or native students) conjointly as what courses are on the market. Doing all your analysis on what’s most significant to you academically is also a decent thanks to slim down your program.


  • Weather: Knowing every city’s weather patterns won’t solely facilitate along with your packing strategy once you’ve set wherever to travel, however may additionally influence the decision-making method. As associate degree Arizona native, I tough what I decision “weather shock” throughout the first few months of my spring semester in Alcalá as a result of it had been overtimes overcast and a touch chillier than used to be”. I won’t to be wont to (although I still wouldn’t trade my town for the world). So, if you don’t a bit like the cold, love the rain, etc., take that into thought. If you’re making an attempt to seek out one thing moderate, Barcelona’s Mediterranean climate may well be the due to go.

All in all, choosing a study abroad program ought to be a fun and exciting method as it’s the first step of a replacement chapter in your life. Hopefully, if you’re leaning toward Spain as a destination, the subsequent pointers can give barely a lot of steerage. Buena suerte!

Study Abroad | Doesn’t Have To Be Hard. Read These Tips

There were various multitudinous reminiscences and experiences I had abroad that created such a giant time in my life that i will be able to perpetually bear in mind. Currently that I even have gained my experience concerning traveling, i assumed I’d share a few of tips for future students going abroad.

Be Organized

It is necessary that you just simply organized in your assignment and in your traveling plans. Learning abroad are usually pretty feverish generally therefore it is usually useful to possess a planner for you to put in writing down once any assignments, quizzes, papers, etc. Yet as keeping track of any journeys you plan with the correct flight info, building reservations, further transportation, etc. Being organized will assist you tons abroad, particularly once you bought to urge on time once catching a bus, flight or train. Also, designing your journeys beforehand will stop heaps of money on transportation and keep. If you acknowledge of a town or country wherever you truly wish to travel, book it as before long as you may. Don’t wait till the instant.

Early sign on

It is easier and cheaper for you to see in on-line and print your boarding passes before you make the landing field. It is usually costlier for you to visualize in further baggage at the landing field instead of checking in and paying for the luggage on-line. If you’re disquieted concerning not having a printer, you’ll still sign on your phone and have your boarding card that may be scanned once longing security or boarding the plane.

Pack Small

Packing lightweight is to boot easier and cheaper as a result of you may bring a little keep it up which is able to work on airlines with no additional price. I brought air compression baggage that saved my life after I was traveling. you’ll work a great deal of garments in these baggage and so press the air out of them to avoid wasting more room in your continue. I noticed once happening weekend journeys that I didn’t wear half as several garments that I had packed. Remember, it’s okay to repeat outfits.

Be assured

Don’t be afraid to speak to locals and observe new languages. It’s the simplest thanks to learn a replacement language and find out about cultures and also the folks living in this country you’re visiting. If you would like to satisfy folks, it’s necessary to be assured and initiate conversations with new folks. You’ll end up making long lasting friendships and presumably visiting them later in life.

Be Patient

Traveling may be terribly exhausting and nerve-wracking every now and then. Being patient will assist you and thus the folks you are traveling with. After you live and traveling to totally different countries, it is usually shivery adjusting to such a replacement and totally different surroundings. There’s such a special style abroad that it is usually laborious for folks to urge used to . Language barriers will build folks impatient and cause confusion between 2 folks from totally different places or cultures. As long as you are patient, you may change simply to the language barriers and totally different cultures.

Study Abroad | Before the Tarmac

Studying abroad square measure progressing to be a profitable expertise; however a lot of goes into pre-departure coming up with than merely what goes in your baggage. Once abroad, you’ll wish to concentrate on restful (and learning of course!), therefore it’s price creating careful preparations beforehand to avoid being caught off-guard. Here square measure 3 “before you go” tasks you can’t afford to forget.

Cell phone policy:

Communicating whereas abroad is significant, however your radiophone set up supplier may not be therefore lenient toward your travel wants. Most plans rack up large roaming and international fees if you simply take your U.S. phone abroad.

I recommend buying a phone from a region merchant on arrival and loading it up with paid minutes. If you are at a location with Wi-Fi, the foremost of free vocation programs and apps like Skype to make the most of your minutes.

Other alternatives embody amending your arrange to embody international vocation, or taking your current phone however change to an area sim card. If you’d rather attempt one in every of these choices, the latter isn’t too bad on prices, but, either way, Skype is your ally to avoid wasting lots of bank whereas still keeping in grips.

Bank and credit card:

A huge downside hasty traveler run into is making an attempt to withdraw cash or use credit cards abroad. Victimization cards internationally can freeze your accounts and leave you during a tight spot if you don’t send word your bank beforehand. Visit your bank, or even their web site, before you permit to line up a “travel notice” and you’ll be fine!

Also, virtually like radiophone policies, MasterCard firms typically have extra international fees. Avoid overpaying by asking vendors to charge your card among the native currency instead of USD. This can prevent cash on each purchase by avoiding a currency conversion fee (upwards of 3%)! ATMs typically have similar fees, therefore check at the side of your bank early to hunt out ways that to attenuate these fees and avoid wasteful payment.

Handling documents:

One of the foremost necessary things you’ll carry whereas traveling is your passport. This can be the massive one—proof of identity, U.S. citizenship, and your price ticket back home. If attainable, i do not advocate carrying your passport on you within the least times. Within the unfortunate event of a larceny or loss, you will be forced to side-track your peaceful vacation with accommodations to exchange your passport and verify yourself for the comeback trip.

A simple resolution is to store your original passport, at the side of alternative vital documents, throughout a secure location, sort of an edifice safe or a trustworthy friend’s home. Build copies before you go and travel with these instead whereas you are doing casual “out and about” activities. This fashion you’ve got peace of mind and your copies will cowl most very little things which will return up.

Ultimately, a while abroad square measure progressing to be Associate in Nursing unforgettable experience! Get pleasure from your host culture and save yourself some broken hardheartedness by making ready before time.

Study Abroad |4 Reasons to interact in post Placement Abroad

As the work becomes additional world — and additional stress is placed on intercultural communication — setting yourself apart among the duty market is additional necessary than ever. Whereas study abroad may be a fantastic because of heighten any resume, service learning or post placement abroad takes these priceless skills to a very new level.

Engage with the culture on another level

A post or service learning placement can enable you to immerse into your chosen destination outside of the schoolroom. Internships offer a real-life, international perspective into the business and market of your chosen destination, increasing your perspective of a worldwide marketplace.

In a service learning placement, you’ll have the possibility to serve underclass populations. This permits you to talk with native folks you will not otherwise act with. The important thinking skills and fellow feeling toward others gained throughout service learning square measure not like those gained from the opposite expertise.

Written and speech talent in language of alternative

Speaking another language continues to be a valued talent in our culture, each among the work market and otherwise. Associate post or service learning placement permits you to follow your language of alternative, whether or not you have earned fluency or square measure starting a replacement language from scratch, during a setting wherever you’re encircled with fluent speakers of the language. Not solely can this enable you to expand their language talent at associate exponentially quicker rate, however you’ll conjointly incorporate additional planet vocabulary into your speech and communication.

Networking opportunities among the profession

All internships afford you the priceless chance to connect with veteran professionals among their field. Associate post abroad, however, provides you the prospect to form international relationships and a potential supply of employment from your post placement. In addition, each service learning and post supervisors can possible be ideal sources for letters of recommendation .

Supported in seminars by on-the-scene workers

Seminars hosted by on-the-scene workers in several post and repair learning sites, command in conjunction with the placements, enable you to method your day-after-day experiences throughout a secure and supported atmosphere. This helps you to method your post or service learning program additional effectively and transition back to life among the USA with ease.

Whether you decide on a service learning or international post placement, the abilities you gain — active work expertise, cultural engagement, interaction with locals, learning, associated an expanded skilled network — can each boost your resume and enhance it slow abroad.

Study Abroad | Internship Career

I like to call myself the CEA child. I studied in London through CEA for a year, was the Mobile Journalist during that point, participated within the internship program, and have become an Alumni Ambassador before being hired on full-time on the marketing team. OK, that is a lot of information that you may not need to know, but I like to flaunt. I’m actually here to point out you ways studying and interning abroad can help your future career – whatever it’s going to be.

Personal growth & Development

You’ve heard it once; you’ve heard it a thousand times: something along the lines of, “I never thought I could have grown this much,” or, “it was an unreal experience, for which I am eternally grateful.” It’s true, the personal and professional growth you experience while on a stint abroad whether you’re studying, interning, or both will not only help your resume stand out, but you’ll be able to nail that interview with all the experiences and soft skills you can apply to your future career. What’s dealing with that tough person in the office when you’ve navigated your way through the souks in Morocco or the trails in Prague?

Life-long friends (and connections)

Networking is truly the best way to get a job. Sure, all of those certifications and technical skills (still very important) are the foundation of an incredible career, but it’s all in who you know. Getting out of your comfort zone and mingling with your international classmates and professors as well as the professionals after work will go a long way for your list of connections and your interpersonal skills. Hey, maybe you’ll meet up with your flatmates two years later and make a trip to the Grand Canyon. All great things.

Internships are an unrivaled way to experience the culture in the workplace and of your new host city and diversify your work experience. Having taken the initiative to intern or study abroad puts you above your competition; it really says something about your academic achievements and causes you to culturally aware within the globalized culture.

Study Abroad | What will the family think?

I forever decision my folks on weekends. Every week, i do recognize that around 5 o’clock, they are going to summon Pine Tree State out of my silent library room, needing to catch up and tell Pine Tree State concerning their week, even as eager as they are to concentrate to concerning mine. Some months past, my weekend decision was totally different. I woke up frightened and couldn’t manage to calm myself down throughout the day. So, after they known as, I right away started babbling and merchandising my anxieties on them.

I was stalemated between 2 tremendous opportunities – to run president of a company that I’m heavily concerned in or to review abroad. Each choice have several edges, each choices would build Pine Tree State happy and contribute to my overall development as a private. I knew that selection i truly needed, however it had been thus onerous to urge eliminate that bold chip on my shoulder and admit what I needed.

Both of my folks were in agreement – they did not wish Pine Tree State to run president. It absolutely was attending to be a time intense and trying position, and that i ought to focus my time on my studies instead. Okay, sounds sensible. We’re in agreement. But, once I aforementioned that i would currently be applying to review abroad, my dad’s pause caught my attention. “Why it ought to be one or the other?” he asked. “Why can’t you simply be a traditional student?”

For him, there are a handful of major queries on causing Pine Tree State to Europe for a semester. Would the tuition be comparable enough with tuition at my school within the US? Would I be safe? Would be the tutorial rigor be capable each his standards and so the standards of my college? What would I do if there was an emergency? However would I build it while not being anyplace close to anyone I knew? Would this facilitate build Pine Tree State an additional marketable job candidate? Was this the proper selection for me?

I’m certain I’m not the sole one WHO has ferociously protecting folks. These were simply a handful of the on the face of it several queries he had on behalf of Pine Tree State and my mamma, WHO was ardently in favor of Pine Tree State finding out abroad. It wasn’t that my papa was against the thought, but rather, he was hesitant. He was nervous concerning causing his eldest kid 4000 miles away once the farthest she’d ever been was concerning three hundred. That frantic call was the primary of the many as I disorganized to finish my application to CEA in time. I had to prove the value of a study abroad expertise to him while not having ever old something am fond of it. I gathered the testimonials of many classmates and friends, researched articles and blogs, and conferred him with a myriad of knowledge that answered his final question – “Why is that this value it?”

I’ve been in Dublin for a couple of week and a half currently, and though I’m assured I still have abundant to find out, i think he’s getting down to see for himself that the solution may be a resonant, “Yes.” though I haven’t nevertheless had an opportunity to demonstrate the educational rigor that he’s expecting, I actually have had an opportunity to satisfy folks from every place the world , study many different cultures, explore a replacement country, and demonstrate that i am robust enough to undertake to the present. He’s positively investigating down the times till he involves visit and he asks Pine Tree State to send him footage each day, however i feel that after I get back in could he’ll make sure that his “yes,” it’s worthwhile.

Study Abroad | Confidence

I continually knew that finding out abroad would teach American state wonderful things, however I didn’t understand that the foremost necessary lessons I learned would be regarding me. It’s been over a year since I came back from finding out in Aix-en-Provence; however my expertise abroad continues to have an effect on my life, particularly with the vanity I gained.

Studying abroad was terribly tough on behalf of me initially. When the first week or less, my program-mates started happening weekend journeys with their friends. I knew I wished to travel, however i used to be too nervous! I assumed if I planned a visit, i might find you dispiritedly lost, or hurt or UN agency is aware of what else! With none confidence in myself, I spent my weekends in my area at my home stay, simply hanging around Aix. i used to be bored and paralytic.

When a week-long break from college rolled around, i made a decision to finally envelop my worry and planed a giant trip. The thought was discouraging; however the cabin fever was attending to be intolerable. Normandie gave the impression of Associate in nursing honest place to start; it had been so much enough away whereas still being in France, and I had continually wished to establish Mont Saint-Michel. My friend Nela asked if she may escort American state, i used to be therefore relieved! Having an addict helped American state take the leap, and shortly we have a tendency to be off.

The next many days were variety of the only I had abroad. Nela and that i traveled through Normandie and saw Mont Saint-Michel still because the city of Bayeux. Yes, we have a tendency to created traveller’s mistakes: we have a tendency to get lost, we have a tendency to have to run trains and buses, we have a tendency to have to improvise and figure things out on the method. However we have a tendency to stayed good and safe, and also the very little hiccups within the set up over up making a number of the most effective reminiscences.

In the weeks and months that followed, I got a lot of and easier with traveling. Attending to Normandie with Nela helped American state persuade myself that i accustomed be capable of planning a visit, keeping myself safe and navigating a far flung town. By the tip of my semester, I had planned a solo trip to European country before my flight back to the States. Rather than being stressed, i used to be excited. The travel bug in American state had been unleashed! My Italian trip was one among the most effective. I bear in mind wandering the streets of Rome, marveling at the city’s beauty however conjointly marveling at however so much I’d come back.

To this day once I face a challenge that shakes my confidence or very stresses American state out, i feel back to Rome and tell myself, “If I will try this, I will positively do this!” There are varied ways that during which finding out abroad has modified me for the upper , however the vanity I gained throughout my journey is one in every of the foremost necessary things that has created American state UN agency I’m these days.

Study Abroad | Why season Abroad?

One issue concerning finding out abroad that I wasn’t ready for was the construct that I wasn’t solely finding out during a place, however conjointly at a particular time. within the early stages of coming up with , you nearly actually won’t take into account it that approach, however there square measure loads of temporal arrangement factors which can influence your study abroad expertise. I studied in London throughout the autumn of 2012 and that i have nearly always explained my expertise in only that approach.

World events and a replacement perspective

My specific expertise was influenced by the lingering presence of the 2012 summer athletic contest that had taken place simply a number of short weeks before my arrival in London. Day to day life in European country is often not as ultra-nationalistic as what I veteran in my initial few weeks, once it wasn’t simply the traveller traps displaying banners of nationalism. As the spirited atmosphere light into normalcy, I long-faced the attention-grabbing development of being during a foreign country throughout the United States presidential election season. Everybody appeared to have associate opinion on the politics of my home country and, whereas not everybody felt a similar, the actual fact that European country is usually an additional politically liberal country began to indicate within the opinions i used to be hearing. Locals had no qualms concerning asking if I liked the president.

Day to day life during a season abroad

Timing, though, isn’t with regards to the massive things. . Being in London during fall and winter meant a lot of small things—watching the leaves change in Regent’s Park, being in Scotland for the first snowfall of the year, and experiencing Christmas celebrations in a new place. I used to be able to celebrate London’s annual Guy Fawkes Night carrying picture London fashion — a pea jacket and boots. Those square measure experiences i might have skipped over on if I had gone the other time of the year.

What you would like out of it slow abroad

Even as knowledgeable within the study abroad field, my study abroad expertise influences American state. I even have a soft spot for fall semester experiences—having the summer to avoid wasting lots of, pack and prepare; the slow fade into the Gregorian calendar month holidays; even the primary fall and still afternoons of my very own English travels. Then there’s my personal determination to encourage students to actually perforate the native culture and perceive the worldview, however conjointly to recollect the standing of their own residence country within the bigger theme of the globe. Students ought to assume to themselves “What do i need to induce out of my study abroad experience? What world do I see around American state, and the way is i able to accomplish that?”

I don’t assume there’s some universal formula for locating the “right time” to review abroad. For a few students, it’s concerning being wherever you are exactly once you bought to be and once it suits you best. Alternative students opt for a section or a time thanks to some impulsive issue (convenience or friends or once it fits with their schedule) on the opposite hand let the time and place around them form their expertise. No matter once or wherever you go, i feel there’s a reason various folks describe study abroad as a result of the time of their life.

Study Abroad | How to Pay?

For many students, finance a study abroad expertise will feel overwhelming. However there are a unit various offered choices to help you fund your journey, and thus the expertise you’ll gain area unit planning to be priceless. Finding out abroad is associate degree investment in your future, which we have a tendency to believe each student ought to have the prospect. The CEA Student Accounts Team is here to help! Look at your money choices below, then contact America and we’ll do them along.

Study Abroad Scholarships

You might be shocked by the amount and form of scholarships offered for study abroad students. Its well price a while to use as a result of, not like student loans, scholarships ought not to be paid back! The vary of scholarship classes are broad thus there’s associate degree honest likelihood you’ll qualify for one or a lot of opportunities:

  • CEA scholarships area unit awarded in Merit-based, Need-based and variety classes and vary from $400 to $3,000.
  • You will even be eligible for scholarships through your parents’ employers, or from different tutorial and international organizations!

529 school Savings set up

If your oldsters or grandparents known a 529 Savings set up for you, you will be able to use it to cover instructional expenses related to study abroad. as a result of 529 Plans area unit state-sponsored school savings accounts, the principles determination set up use and fund withdrawal capabilities vary; make sure to consult your 529 set up supplier to urge the low-down on however your specific set up works.

Using assistance for finding out Abroad

There are a unit several sources of financial aid offered for study abroad:

  • Federal Student Aid (FSA) – Your home institution’s assistance workplace will tell you whether or not CEA and study abroad programs area unit approved for the varied styles of federal aid.
  • State Aid – The Department of Education in your state could be a smart place to start out checking for eligibility for his or her several styles of assistance.
  • Home establishment Aid – several schools and universities supply money help from their own funds. Reach resolute your school’s assistance workplace for details.
  • Personal Loans – There are a unit many personal loan resources offered to assist you bridge the gap between the price of your CEA program and therefore the quantity of funding obtained from different sources.


Payment Plans

CEA’s Payment Plans permit you to form smaller, flexible, interest-free payments in instalments to satisfy your desires, schedule, and budget. You’ll use a CEA payment conceive to fund the entire quantity, or beside aid and/or student loans.


Cold, Hard Cash

If you really wish to change things, take the old school route and pay cash! You will not have it at-the-ready however with slightly creativeness and advanced designing you will fund your own study abroad expertise. Have a garage or eBay sale, raise relatives for weekend work or get a part-time job. Set a goal and build it happen!

Remember: you’re Not Alone!

The number of choices area unit usually overwhelming; however any time and cash you invest toward your study abroad expertise pays off in person and professionally for the rest of your life. And, remember, you’re not alone! We’re here to help you discover ways in which to shop for study abroad.

Study Abroad | Pre-departure Thoughts

This spring semester i will be able to finding out abroad in Aix-en-Provence, France. I even have been dreaming of heat croissants close to the tower for concerning twenty one years and it’s near to become a reality. Throughout my analysis and time prepping for this once-in-a-lifetime expertise, here are variety of the concepts I even have found most useful. It’s a summation of what I even have learned from others WHO have studied abroad and a few of the key things they want they might have glorious.

Get excited

Social media is your friend. Endure each friend’s Facebook and Instagram page WHO has studied abroad. Pinterest is another nice supply to need advantage of and acquire some inspiration.

Ex or Ax?

I was surprised once I detected a student not skills to pronounce the city they were finding out abroad in. this is often the primary question individuals raise thus certify you don’t come back off naïve and clueless!

Map it out

It’s necessary to be ready to describe wherever you town is found. Get to grasp a couple of the massive cities close to the globe you are about to thus once family associated friends raise you may offer an acceptable response.

Timelines are your Friends

There is a great deal to try to before take-off – visa work, doctors’ appointments and checking your university and study abroad programs’ boxes. Take it one step at a time, and before you recognize it, you’ll are going to be done the sole issue left to try to is to travel. All the laborious stuff is completed before you arrive on-site!

Take it from the consultants

Professors are your biggest resource. They wish to facilitate students particularly throughout such associate exciting time. Come in their workplace hours and choose their brains concerning the thanks to best utilize study abroad on your resume and for your degree.

Document it

I tend to arrange for each attainable scenario. Enrol in STEP, get associate SOS card, create copies of everything, and apprehend your emergency contact data. Yes, you’ll use a great deal of paper, however higher safe than sorry!

Learn the argot

Try to learn some of phrases in their language before you arrive. It shows you’re thoughtful of your new home and you’ll beat the standard yank stereotype. If nothing else, establish the way to mention, “Do you speak English?”

Keep Calm and Travel

I watched the film Americano and it had been the only example of the thanks to have an effect on conflict abroad. The actor, Joshua Jackson, displays the proper perspective to best succeed once traveling abroad by staying calm associated keeping an open mind. I positively suggest adding that to your pre-departure list.

Nerves are Natural

Everyone gets nervous before their semester abroad; it would be pretty odd if you didn’t. Sit down with others concerning however they settled their nerves and apprehend your own personal cope strategies.

Prepare to be Unprepared

I know I same to over-prepare earlier, however this far and away has been the simplest recommendation I even have gotten nonetheless. Notwithstanding the amount of analysis or networking you’re doing, you may ne’er absolutely perceive what you’re bound till you go. You’ll got to accompany the flow and you’ll relish each a neighborhood of it!

Study Abroad | 5 Tips for Pre-Departure

Passport? Check! Jar of peanut butter? Mais oui! That’s all, right?

Whether you’re effort next week—or making ready to review abroad 2 semesters from now—here square measure 5 knowledgeable tips which is able to be useful any time, courtesy of CEA alumni and team members.

Tip 1: Housing – diversify

“On field the alternative day, I saw a friend who’s learning abroad in Barcelona with CEA next spring. He same he was progressing to sleep in associate living accommodations with one amongst his sensible friends which i told him he would possibly wish to rethink that. Why?

Because once you arrive in your host town, you’ll understand that native culture impacts every individual otherwise. Whereas you and your friend might have principally identical interests here, it’s doubtless to be a special story once you add the influence of a replacement culture into the mix. In my opinion, it’s higher to create new friends abroad (whether they’re in your program or not) whose interests whereas abroad align a lot of closely beside your own. It may build or break the complete expertise.” painter Dantzler, CEA Barcelona Alum

Tip 2: Walk it out

“Walk 2 miles on uneven surfaces (including cobblestones) in shoes before you choose they’re snug enough to bring once you study abroad. If your shoes are not operating for you, it’s troublesome for love or cash else to work. The tip I live by: once shopping for everyday shoes, ne’er get a combine that is less snug than the combine you wore into the look.” Alexandra Mitchell, CEA Director of International Programs France

Tip 3: Avoid Packing Panic

“Do not leave packing till the last minute! Utilize CEA’s packing lists and for every item you’re considering transferal, raise yourself: ‘Will it’s helpful whereas abroad?’ Pack layers, pack gently, and leave area to bring things home. make certain to analysis the weather in your destination. Knowing average temperatures helps you pack appropriately!” Olivia Del Viscio, CEA Admissions Counselor

Tip 4: Get to grasp Your Neighborhood

“Take a tour of the town on Google Maps! This helped me study the slim, winding streets of urban center and thus the numerous plazas and cafes throughout El Centro before I ever got to Espana. It had been surreal being born off at my living accommodations, as a result of it felt like i would already been there. Google Maps will build your adjustment want seeing associate ex, rather than meeting somebody utterly new.” Chelsea Raschke, CEA web site Specialist & CEA urban center alum

Tip 5: Set Phone Home Realities

“Tell your friends and family that you simply won’t be obtainable to Skype, Face time, email, or Facebook the utmost quantity as they’d like. Tell yourself that too! Once you arrive in your new country, let yourself BE there…not elsewhere 9 hours behind you. this cannot solely facilitate regulate your body clock to standard time , however conjointly provide you with the house to need in everything that is happening around you and begin to create your new life and community abroad. it is not straightforward, particularly once nostalgia hits, however simply prompt yourself, you’ve got this!” Devon DeRousseau, Director of Student Affairs, CEA Paris.

Study Abroad | Best Packing Tips

A lot of students—girls particularly (sorry girls!)—tend to assume it is necessary to bring everything they own on their study abroad journey. I will tell you from first-hand expertise that it’s not necessary! There’s no use exposure to the flying field throughout a distant country with 5 suitcases once you simply have 2 hands.

So, here are a unit of my 5 packing tips for all of you adventurers out there!


  • Slim it down. Take everything you plan to bring and unfold it out across your bed. Then cut the amount in 1/2. you may not want quite 5 pairs of pants and 10 shirts throughout a while abroad—especially if you’re taking colours that are neutral and will be paired with completely different coloured cardigans/jackets, scarves, etc. once I went abroad, I solely took four pairs of pants, 4-5 tank tops/camisoles, 1-2 blouses, 2 cardigans and one coat. Once I have to be compelled to my study abroad destination, I bought 5 scarves. This was the proper quantity which i solely required one massive traveling bag that still gave me several spaces for all my toiletries and everything else I wished to bring.
  • Leave your beauty merchandise reception. Don’t pack your straightener/hair dryer/electric razor. You may possibly find yourself burning it out on its 1st use in another country. The simplest factor to undertake to, particularly if you reside in associate housing, is to buy for no matter hair/shaving appliances you’d like once you arrive, split the worth between you and your roommates, and use them communally. I’d additionally suggest transportation travel-sized shampoo, soap, etc., then make full provide once you’re settled in your new destination. That ought to be enough to hold you over till once orientation.
  • Get associate adapter for physical science. Invest in associate adapter kit, particularly if you plan to travel outside of your main destination (which you should) throughout your semester abroad. These kits generally vary from regarding $10 to $20 however it’ll prevent tons within the long-standing time, and stop you from perpetually commutation new appliances whereas you’re abroad.
  • Swap your laptop for a pill. I’d recommend investment throughout a pill of some kind to undertake to any or all of your faculty work. Hear me out! Computers generally weigh anyplace from 7-12 pounds and a pill weighs however one pound. you’ll be able to transfer loads of apps to make and save documents (Google drive/docs is my favorite!) and get a keyboard that enables you to require notes at school. Tablets area unit tiny and transportable and you will be thus glad you didn’t lug your laptop along—I would like I hadn’t taken mine. I’m certain you’ll use your pill even a lot of once you return home, thus it will be cash well spent!
  • Pack with efficiency. An extremely nice technique for packing your garments is to either A) roll them or B) get some vacuum seal luggage. You wouldn’t believe what quantity space you save in your traveling bag simply by rolling up your garments super tight! It’s an extremely nice house saver once traveling! The second possibility could be a personal favorite. Vacuum waterproofing your garments is brilliant—it keeps your traveling bag organized and your garments look super ironed once you finally pull them out. You’ll be able to additionally get primarily a similar impact by rolling up the bag to push the air out…no vacuum needed! Both possibilities are nice and low cost for faculty youngsters WHO area unit on a budget!

Study Abroad | Reasons to settle on a bunch Family Abroad

Here are 3 major reasons to live with variety family:


If you’d prefer to expertise the authentic diet of your host country, living with a native family is your best bet. Not solely can they feed you the traditional foods native to your host country; however they’ll conjointly introduce you to the quality foods folks outside of the country don’t very realize. You most likely don’t eat hamburgers for dinner nightly, a bit like folks in Italian Republic in all probability don’t eat pizza pie nightly. Living with variety family will enable you to expertise a full day’s preparation, not only 1 meal, in your host country.



Sure, you’ll expertise your host countries distinctive culture regardless of wherever you reside, however staying with a bunch family is that the best thanks to be immersed in it. You’ll study the daily routines, however families move, and even however they argue. Your host family’s style are going to be terribly completely different from your culture, however you may simply be shocked however similar they’re to your circle of relatives once you get to understand them. Most of all, though, you’ll get to want you belong in your host country, and see what it would be would like to urge older or sleep in your host country for good.



If you attend a country wherever the foremost language is not English, living with variety family are about to be valuable. They’ll assist you learn (and remember) everyday vocabulary, like “spoon,” “dishwasher,” “cupboard,” or “trashcan.” They’ll correct your imperfect synchronic linguistics (which will get effortful occasionally, however you’ll appreciate it later), and they’ll teach you concerning the native slang, together with phrases your professors may not cowl. To not mention your language skills can increase simply from perpetually being immersed within the language!

Study Abroad | Expectations vs Reality

Here are some study abroad expectations vs realities that you simply might experience once you go overseas.

Expectation: Most of the scholars studying in your program will know one another already.

The possibility that the majority people i might be living with for subsequent five months would already be friends made me a touch nervous, as I didn’t know one person.

Reality: While every program is different, my group had only two folks that knew one another before studying abroad. Everyone was welcoming and hospitable new friendships — and therefore the two girls that knew one another before became a number of my best friends during my time in France.

Overall, people that study abroad wants to explore new things and make new friends, albeit they came with some in tow. Within the end, i feel being the sole one within the program from my school benefited me. If friends came with me, I don’t think i might are ready to get out of my temperature the maximum amount as I did. Putting myself outside of that temperature helped me grow as an individual and realize it’s okay to experience things on your own, whether it’s as simple as taking a walk down a cobblestone street or traveling across the planet.

Expectation: While abroad, you’ll visit every country in your region that interests you.

Reality: one among the good things about studying abroad is that it allows you the pliability to visit other places which may be too expensive to otherwise visit from the U.S. While studying abroad in France, I wanted to go to every bordering country then some. I did check a couple of my bucket list countries, but I spent much more weekends in France than I ever imagined.

CEA found out excursions for us more or less bi-weekly, including visiting nearby towns or taking day trips to villages a couple of hours away. All of those outings were so appealing (and were included within the program fees!) that I found myself traveling in southern France much more than I planned. If you’re studying abroad, likelihood is that you’ve got already been bitten by the travel bug, and while it’s tempting, you don’t got to see every country that you simply want to go to during this experience. Instead, you’ll immerse yourself within the culture of your host country some weekends and travel internationally during others; you’ll want to save lots of some experiences for the longer term also. Taking the time to travel on the excursions and stay local also helped foster friendships and find out who would likely be easy to travel with for an extended period of your time once you do take those special trips—another added bonus!


Expectation: While studying abroad are going to be great, it won’t change your life.

Reality: i feel most students change, a minimum of in how, from studying abroad. Studying abroad can assist you make connections within the professional world, be a lift to your resume, alter or reinforce your career path, offer you lifelong friends throughout the country and therefore the world, or cause you to fall crazy with a rustic (or even a person)! The list goes on and on, and therefore the lasting changes will vary for everybody.


For instance, a woman from my study abroad program has now moved back to France to pursue her interest in organic farming; I met my boyfriend and another girl met her now-husband in France; the experience I had at the Cannes festival through CEA enhanced my passion for a career within the film and TV industry; and my friends from across the country plan visits or Skype sessions so we will keep one another up-to-date with our lives.

While most of those might not be typical outcomes for each study abroad program, i feel it’s safe to mention that a student will return to the U.S. as a special person than once they left—perhaps as a more independent person or perhaps as an individual who wants to explore both their own country and therefore the world beyond… and, presumably of all, as an individual that’s grateful for an experience like this.

Study Abroad | How to survive living throughout

As a massive study abroad advocate, I’m perpetually lecture students concerning however I will facilitate them begin on the path to an incredible study abroad journey. One concern that I notice commonest among prospective students is their concern of the barrier.

I want it to be super clear that anyone World Health Organization is feeling this way , you are not alone, i in person was frightened of learning abroad in Germany this past summer once the only real German words I knew were, “good morning,” “please,” “thank you,” and, “Kindergarten.” Most of those were a wonderful begins, however apart from that, i wont to be utterly helpless once it came to speaking and understanding German.

Here are some useful recommendations on the thanks to overcome this concern and have the best study abroad expertise potential.

Take a deep breath

Deep respiration is your friend. Returning from a country wherever you are fluent at intervals the national language, you don’t have to believe requesting straightforward things at the grocery or ordering at an eating house. It’s simple to become frazzled; simply bear in mind to want a handful of deep breaths if you’re feeling engulfed, everything are reaching to be okay.

It’s the small things

Be happy with the tiny victories. Even straightforward things like doing grocery dealings utterly in your host countries language. I do know it does not seem to be a lot of however it extremely is. I studied in Berlin for a month and it took American state till my previous night to be able to order my food at an eating house while not mistreatment any English. Honestly it had been one amongst the proudest moments in my time abroad

You got this

Have patience with yourself. I cannot stress this one enough; it’s tough going from being exemplary throughout a language to remedial. Therefore extremely do not beat yourself up once you discover pronunciation or with understanding what folks is speech have faith in it like this: as a toddler , you did not simply arise and start running, you had to seek out resolute steer 1st.

This is going to be a frustrating method, however I promise at intervals the tip you’ll walk out as an additional assured person, i do grasp I did!

Study Abroad | 5 Things to Bring Home From Abroad

Here square measure 5 valuable souvenirs I brought home from finding out abroad.

A Career Path

I had no construct the arena of International Education existed till I studied abroad, however the expertise opened my eyes to the probability of functioning at employment with a world part. When returning to Cal Poly, I joined as several international teams that I may find: the CEA Alumni Ambassador program, Cal Poly’s International Peer Contact program, and therefore the TESL program. These opportunities helped American state attach with my faculty community and gave American state a post-graduation goal to try toward. Due to study abroad and these new networks, I found my current position as a result of the Alumni Relations Associate at CEA.

Studying abroad was the first stepping stone to serving to American state discover what i wont to be actually obsessed to and what I wished from employment when graduation.


An International Network

During my initial few weeks abroad, I perpetually lost friends in San Luis Obispo and questioned if I’d realize a definite phase in Paris. However as i began to regulate by connection a world women’s football team, taking part in monthly dormitory dinners, and celebrating my birthday with new friends, I discovered that Paris may be home. I will currently say that I even have friends everywhere the globe, which supplies American state Associate in Nursing excuse to travel (oh darn!) Associate in Nursing conjures up American state to measure an internationally cantered life.

Another advantage of this new international network is that the power to connect with additional individuals, a helpful resource whereas looking for employment or place. I’d have found my position at CEA while not study abroad and thus the Alumni Ambassador program. You ne’er understand what doors living with variety family, creating international friends, or traveling to a replacement town may open for you at intervals the long run.


A Second Language

Although it isn’t necessary to be absolutely versed in another language to review abroad, I extremely suggest it! You’re able to develop replacement ability, perceive the culture barely higher, and maybe even create friends with the locals. Though I don’t think about myself fluent in French, I noticed a big improvement in my language skills when finding out abroad.

While learning a second language may sound tough (even embarrassing at times), it provides several new skills to showcase on your resume. Simply keep in mind to ne’er stagnate your language level! You ne’er understand once a hiring manager or leader can raise you to demonstrate them.


Experiential Learning

One of my favorite elements concerning my CEA program was the experiential learning. Each weekday, my liberal arts category visited field sites and viewed paintings up shut, that allowed American state to essentially perceive the class material and contributed to my love for Paris. In my French category, we tend to visited Père carver, visited a French play, Greek deity lunch at the professor’s house, and watched French films in theaters.

All of these real-world experiences not solely increased my learning at intervals the room, however I conjointly enjoyed telling friends back home that I First Stativity recent pastries from a pâisserie for French category or studied Monet’s “Water Lilies” painting at Musée de l’Orangerie at intervals the Tuileries Garden. They were a bit jealous.



When I initial stirred to Paris, i wont to be nervous to venture out on my terribly own , terrified of obtaining lost since my guidance skills weren’t (and still aren’t) the best . However, the better I became with my surroundings, the additional I fully fledged Paris on my own: walking back from category instead of taking the railway line, running through town to coach for a 10k, and even obtaining lost by choice. My want to explore and confidence to travel alone grew throughout my study abroad expertise and has followed American state ever since.

Knowing that I may feel reception in Paris conjointly gave American state the conceitedness to easily settle for a grip in Phoenix, a neighborhood I had ne’er visited before. I not solely wish to travel internationally however conjointly wish to explore on the brink of home, discovering hidden gems, learning concerning totally different cultures, and creating new friends.

Study Abroad | Your Career Will Thank You

Why intern abroad? My cultural studies major requires that I both study abroad and find an internship, and an enormous factor into choosing CEA Prague was having the ability to try to both simultaneously. Those are the sensible reasons I pitch to prospective students, but the chance is such a lot quite that.

International work experience looks great on a resume. There, I said it. It’s an enormous reason many students take this route. But if you’re curious about working abroad later, it’s an absolute must. The expectations are different for workers across cultures, and having the ability to navigate these differences means you’re better fitted to success upon arrival. An internship becomes an easier way of testing the waters: are you sure this is what you want to do? What is an average day like? How intense is the work load? Is it really for me? And if you make a mistake, it’s not the end of the world, which takes half the stress away from the whole concept.

I was sceptical about an internship at all, as I’m not really a business-minded person. My academic concentration is foreign languages, and every one I heard about was students performing at tech start-ups or big financial businesses. Not my cup of tea. So i used to be concerned about my placement whilst i made a decision applying was the foremost practical thing on behalf of me. Luckily, CEA offers a good sort of industries, and upon voicing my concerns to them, i used to be ready to land an internship at an independently owned multilingual bookstore, which, unbeknownst to them at the time (and to myself as well), is strictly what i would like to be doing with my career down the road. Though it had been not the internship i might have chosen, it did give me an honest understanding of what it’s going to be like if I were to require a similar route, which ultimately was the goal I had the entire time.

During downtime i used to be even introduced to the inner workings of their online inventory system, which the owners built themselves. They patiently indulged my questions on the method of building a little business like this and even provided insight I never even thought to ask about. I had dinner with visiting and native authors, worked at the famous Prague Christmas markets, and need to speak my second and third languages a day.

While not being in the least what I expected, my Prague internship was the simplest possible thing on behalf of me and exactly what I needed at that point. Not only was I ready to gain valuable work experience during a small industry i really like , but it guided and helped solidify my career path after being ambivalent for therefore long. That, to me, is the most valuable thing.

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