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We conduct seminars before your departure for the big journey of your life to brief you about all the circumstances that may occur before flying in the embassy or at the airport. We do-

“Our aim is to provide you with an easy and safe flight to your destination so that you are ready for the next big phase of your life.”

Chapter 7 - Karan packs his bags for Canada

The tickets have come and only 2 weeks are left for Karan to pursue her dreams. She was having mixed feelings and was anxious all this while. Similarly, her parents were also facing mixed emotions- the happiness of her success and sadness of letting their child go away from them. One emotion that both were going through was nervousness. How will she adjust, what kind of people she’ll meet, and what questions she will be asked during immigration were things concerning them. Thankfully, COURSEPERFECT made them at ease by giving them pre-departure seminar and briefing them about the situations and circumstances that could occur along with backup options. This brought Karan and her family a sigh of relief and now Karan is just counting days to fly across the clouds.

Be like Karanjeet!!!

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