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Choosing a career is an important step in life and should be taken after intense brainstorming and discussions for a better future. We at COURSEPERFECT provide students and their parents a proper career counselling session at their suitable time slot with our career experts that guide them to the right path. In our student counselling, we aim at-
“We understand how important and difficult it is to make the right career choice and before telling you which institute and course you should apply; we do a complete study of a student profile and provide learning opportunities that help in shaping the future of the student in the best possible manner.”

Chapter 1 - Karan finishes his School

Karanjeet is a happy girl full of life, fun, and energy. She lives in Ludhiana with her parents Sukhman Singh and Taran Kaur and her lovable grandmother. Today was her last day of school and now she is ready to enter the college. All her friends were looking everywhere to find themselves a good college and no one had decided which college or course they should apply for, but Karan being a smart girl had a clear idea. she went home and opened and showed it to her parents. Sukhman (Karan’s father) was surprised how grown-up her little kid is now who has a vision. The vision of what to do for her bright future. She along with her parents studied the website and sent a request to meet. She took her parents to the COURSEPERFECT centre and found a team of experts. They talked and discussed about her career aspirations and study preferences. They took a proper counselling session where they were friendly with her and made her aware about her career opportunities. This helped Karan a lot in deciding the stream she should go ahead with.

Be like Karanjeet!!!

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