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Once the institute and course have been selected then the procedure of admission in foreign universities gets kick started. What kind of tests, forms are to be filled? What is the easiest and most comfortable way of getting admission? Everything is explained and guided to you by our counselling experts. During this session, we aim

“Our motive is to provide you with the real insights into admissions and keep you prepared for the situations that take place during admission times.”

Chapter 3 - Karan selects his study stream

After continuous counselling sessions with career
, Karan got an idea of what is best for her career. She decided to do an undergraduate degree in medical science from Canada. After deciding, she came to COURSEPERFECT and asked the panel to help her with the same. The career experts briefed her about all the procedures she needs to follow to get a study visa. After learning the details she went home and made a checklist for herself. The checklist for a successful career abroad.

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